Eurostars R&D Project, Jan 2017

ImmunoSYS has started a 2-year project, ‘COMPIT’, to research and develop a novel in vitro human immune analytical platform for preclinical drug immunogenicity testing. The project is in collaboration with the Dutch company Abundnz BV and receives a EU funding through the Innovate UK.

26 Sep 2017, Alderley Park Conference Centre, Symposium

ImmunoSYS will host a half day symposium on ‘Predicting immunogenicity and preclinical studies: In vitro translational models and new approaches’


Welcome to ImmunoSYS


ImmunoSYS is an analytical service providing company specialising in immunologic and ultra-sensitive assays. We bring innovative solutions to biological analysis.

We have novel approaches in immunology that could help your work significantly.

The preclinical stage of drug development is a critical phase that takes a new investigational drug through efficacy and safety tests in non-human studies to the human studies in clinical phase. Assays that can be predictive of outcomes in human trials are of highest priority. ImmunoSYS is focused in developing and providing solutions in the immunology of drugs at this stage. Our innovative platform of comprehensive immunologic and pharmacokinetic analyses is a step towards understanding the safety of drugs before they are studied in humans.



ImmunoSYS is recipient of a 2-year Eurostars R&D project grant in partnership with Abundnz BV (Netherlands). The project COMPIT started in Jan 2017 at the Alderley Park and is focused on studying the immunology of drug-induced tissue damage. The outcomes of the project is expected to develop a novel and robust preclinical in vitro cellular system for the analysis of immunological risk of drug compounds.


What We Do


Modelling of immune responses

Analytical services (biomolecular)

Biological capacity development


We work with organisations of all sizes including academic institutes, life science investors, start-up companies and established organisations.

ImmunoSYS is an R&D focused company. We work together with academia and biotech groups to develop innovative products and systems through research.


IMMUNDNZ: new venture in drug safety analysis

ImmunoSYS and Abundnz BV joined forces and started a new immunology-focused CRO, Immundnz ( in 2017, that offers cell-culture and immunologic services for preclinical research and an innovative platform for the comprehensive immune analysis of drug molecules. Immundnz has its laboratory based at the BioHub at Alderley Park in Cheshire (UK).