About Us

ImmunoSYS stems from a strong immunology research background and is specialised in immunologic mechanisms that are translational in therapeutic (drugs) safety assessment. Our innovative platform in immune response analysis brings new and much needed solutions to the drug market. This is our key focus area.

On a more general level, ImmunoSYS provides consultancy based solutions to biological businesses through academia-to-industry translation of bioscience. Our target sectors are biopharma and agri-business. Our areas of interest are Immunology, proteins, bio-analysis, biomarkers, microbial and parasitic biology.



1. Immune Modelling

Modelling of in vitro and in vivo systems to study the immune response against tissue damage or a specific molecule.

2. Services

3. Research

Performing research on biomolecular, immunologic and cellular aspects in collaboration with academic and/or industrial partners with the aim to make immunologic research more translational. Research outcomes will be products that can be commercialised. Projects can be funded by UK or EU grant bodies.

4. Biotech Consultancy

Capacity build-up for research and manufacture of biologics – generally in the form of large-scale long-term projects with clients. These usually continue onto follow-on research and trade partnerships. Clients of this group belong to manufacturers in the pharmaceuticals or agribusiness industries who want to attain the ability to develop, manufacture and analyse products of biological origins.


Immundnz Ltd: lab based services

Immundnz is a laboratory entity in the Alderley Park campus (ex-Astra Zeneca campus) in Cheshire, owned by ImmunoSYS and Abundnz BV (Netherlands based partner). It is a laboratory CRO providing immunologic and cell culture services. All lab-based work of ImmunoSYS are carried out in Immundnz (www.immundnz.com).


The Manchester Heritage

Manchester is the world’s first industrial city where the industrial revolution took place during Victorian Britain. With the birth of molecular physics and chemistry through the works of Dalton, Rutherford, Bohr and Chadwick, or the world’s first stored-program electronic digital computer (the ‘Baby’) in 1948, or the largest steerable dish radio telescope (‘Jodrell Bank Observatory’) in the world in the 50s and many more scientific episodes Manchester has given the modern world milestone leaps. Many discoveries have brought Nobel recognition to Manchester and through the years Manchester has grown tremendously in biomolecular research. Today Manchester along with other clusters in the North West is a leader in inflammation and disease mechanisms, tissue engineering and cancer studies. ImmunoSYS is an independent company closely linked with scientists working at the University of Manchester and also other top research institutes in the UK bringing the best of British life sciences. We make British academic research more transferable and translated. Essentially, we are working to bridge the gap between British academia and industry, also in tune with EU growth strategies.