Biotech Development

We work with companies in the biological industry as technology/knowledge transfer consultants in capacity build-up for research and manufacture of biologics. What this means is that we will help companies to transform their existing structure to a more biological purpose and capacity suited to a British/EU standard. For example, a pharmaceutical company (manufacturing generic small molecule drugs) can be transformed into a biopharmaceutical company attaining the capacity to generate biologic products such as recombinants, antibodies, vaccines and blood products, or an agribusiness company can be transformed into an agri-research organisation that will employ biotechnology to improve mammalian or plant products. This subsequently impacts the global supply chains. Cellular, molecular, genetic and immunologic sciences are key elements in BIOTECHNOLOGY that are advancing and enhancing industries in various sectors such as medicine, diagnostics, agriculture and energy. We are transfer agents for these essential sciences. Go to page on Biologics

Our BIOTECH DEVELOPMENT work will involve, generally:

Generally, these will be in the form of large-scale long-term projects. These usually continue onto follow-on research and trade partnerships.

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Biologics are becoming increasingly important in the pharma and health sectors, but also in other sectors such as agriculture and non-biological manufactures (e.g. leather and textile). There are several modules in the biologics industry that could be important in the local market as well as in the global supply chain for example antibodies in diagnostics, vaccines in poultry, probiotics for humans, enzymes in leather or textiles, etc.



ImmunoSYS adheres a lot of importance to growth markets such as Asia and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). These markets are extremely important for the global economy in terms of food security, medicine and energy. By helping to create a standardised and dependable infrastructure for research and manufacture in these progressive regions through knowledge transfer and generating new product lines, we are creating a feedback system for the British and European biological industry. This will increase trade of biologics and impact the overall supply chain.