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Immunology is Everything!

Our specialisation is immunology. We have a track record in experimental immunology. We provide experimental services on immunological systems. The work maybe part of developing an assay to test an immune based product or to test the immune responses to a biomolecule.



Immunology is an essential part of most biological systems and in many instances the immune response to inflammation and regulation is the central issue in a disease system. The way we understand the immune system and the central dogma of the immune response have changed significantly in recent decades, so that it is becoming increasingly important to know the immune dynamics of a disease or a candidate biomolecule in a disease system. In the ‘Systems Biology’ approach to disease systems and drug discovery immunology has become an essential element.

For example, in vascular calcification events that lead on to atherosclerosis the prelude is inflammation, hence it is important to understand the roles of pro-inflammatory and regulatory mediators in driving the transformation of smooth muscle cells into osteoblast-like cells within a vascular calcification model. Another example, heat shock proteins, the chaperones that are widely abundant proteins, are also known to be actively involved in the presentation of danger to APCs initialising an immune response, hence the role of HSPs in the immunology of diseases such as autoimmunity or cancer should be an important query.

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We emphasise on the immune modelling of a disease or a candidate therapeutic to understand:

As experienced immunologists we will help you design and test a model to analyse the immunology of your target molecule.


To study the role of heat shock proteins in immune mediated cell death and autoimmunity a model of diabetes was designed that consisted of transgenic expression of the target protein. Cell death of islet beta cells was initiated in a controlled dose dependent manner. The study successfully revealed that the (i) the initial beta cell death was responsible for the initiation of an immune mediated diabetes, and (ii) the immune response was increased by the over expression of heat shock protein. This study was important to understand the role of heat shock proteins in immunogenicity following tissue damage.

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We offer general immune assay and assay development services. Our laboratory based work is carried out in our laboratory entity (Immundnz Ltd., at the Alderley Park in Cheshire. These services include:

  • Cell cultures, human and mammalian
  • Absorbance plate reading (ELISA) or fluorescence plate reading
  • Flow cytometry
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Microscopy
  • Immune-blotting

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