Ultra-sensitive Assay

Common Problems in Drug Discovery

  1. Sensitivity and precision of techniques like ELISA and/or LC-MS is not sufficient
  2. Development time is long
  3. Not able to discern between endogenous proteins and therapeutic proteins
  4. Small amount of drug available for testing

and there are many more…….


Our Solution

Slide3The pAMS is a novel system that has high sensitivity and precision for biological drugs (from small synthetic peptides to large conjugated proteins). It can measure highly potent compounds and compounds with low bioavailability and short half life.





The picture shows (EPO with two different glycosylation profiles) a PK profile at attomole per litre level which is achievable using our ultra sensitive system. We were able to establish a PK profile in an animal study (2 groups, n=5) with as little available drug material as 50 microliter at a concentration of 15 micromoles per liter. LOQ is 0.1 attomole with RSD of <5%.






In association with Abundnz BV we bring advanced analytical support for biologics research and development in the UK. We are providing a novel ultrasensitive assay, which enables the measurement of innovative medicines at very low concentrations in biological fluids and tissues. The assay is up to a factor 1.000 more sensitive than conventional techniques like ELISA and LC-MS and can be applied in toxicokineticpharmacokineticmicrodose and ADME studies in non- and pre-clinical drug research and development.

Micro-dosing for protein and peptide drug development

Abundnz, a Netherlands based company has developed a novel, highly sensitive technology with which the pharmacokinetic properties of (modified) innovative medicines, like peptide and protein drugs and nano drug delivery systems, can be studied at safe microdose levels in humans in an early stage of drug development. The technology enables drug clearance studies in innovative drug development, from first-in-human (phase 0) studies to (pre)clinical studies. Protein AMS (pAMS) is a unique method to measure biologics at ultralow levels in biological fluids and tissue.






The assay can be applied in toxicokinetic, pharmacokinetic and ADME studies of innovative medicines. It has been successfully applied by biotech companies to investigate various (modified) proteins, such as EPO, GCD, CSF, antibodies and leuprolide. Dose regimens, routes of administration, bio-distribution can be studied from pre-clinical to clinical studies.

PRICE (introductory)

We offer a low fixed entry rate of ₤2.500 (ex. VAT) for phase 1 (labelling of protein and check of labelling). After this, you will know if our assay makes sense to your compound and if it can proceed to phase 2.

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In partnership with Abundnz B.V.