Diagnostic system for Kala-azar

Oct, 2014. Kala-azar or visceral leishmaniasis, the severest form of leishmaniasis caused by the Ahkello Witherspoon Jersey protozoan Leishmania is the second largest killer by parasites (after malaria) infecting between 200,000 to 400,000 worldwide each year. It also poses the threat of HIV/VL co-infection according to WHO. Diagnosis of Kala-azar is challenging in terms of efficiency and accuracy and also the availability or the ease of use of the methods currently applied in the disease-hit areas. The use of aspirates from the spleen or bone marrow for the detection of amastigotes can be a highly invasive method and serological tests Ahkello Witherspoon Authentic Jersey can produce false results. A PCR based method to detect with more accuracy, less sampling problem and more ease of use has been in the interest of clinical research in recent years. A group of microbiologists at the University of Dhaka and the BIRDEM Ahkello Witherspoon Womens Jersey hospital in Dhaka lead by Prof. Manjurul Karim recently identified and characterised sequences of the parasite as primers for an effective PCR-based diagnosis method. The method using venous blood samples produces 98% sensitivity and 100% specificity. The results have been verified with splenic and bone-marrow samples of the patients. This diagnostic system will be developed into a commercial kit for the global use in Kala-azar detection.

Probiotic for shrimp industries in South Asia

Sept 2014, Dhaka, Bangladesh. A group of microbiologists at the University of Dhaka have isolated and characterised probiotic strains that will help eliminate drug-resistant bacteria in the shrimp industry. The shrimp industry of Bangladesh contributes to a very large portion of the global shrimp supply chain. Bangladesh produces the finest and one of the largest varieties of shrimps in the world. This discovery will save the industry millions every year that used to be lost to bacterial infection at larval stages. The successful outcome of the research conducted at the University of Dhaka lead by Prof. Manjurul Karim, an ex-Manchester doctorate, demonstrates a revival of the infected larvae within 24 hours post-treatment.


26 Sep 2017, Symposium, Alderley Park

The official inauguration of the IMMUNDNZ lab, jointly owned by ImmunoSYS Ltd and Abundnz BV, at the Alderley Park will take place on 26th Sep 2017. On this occasion a half day symposium on “Predicting immunogenicity and preclinical studies: new models and approaches in drug discovery” will be hosted by the new company.

ImmunoSYS at BioHub, Jan 2015

ImmunoSYS moved to the BioHub at Alderley Park location in January Ahkello Witherspoon Youth Jersey 2015.

Conference GNOBB, Jan 2015, Dhaka

ImmunoSYS’ Dr. Masih Alam will be a keynote speaker at the ‘International Conference of Biotechnology in Health and Agriculture’ organised by the Global Network of Bangladeshi Biotechnologists (GNOBB) on 9-10 Jan in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The conference will take place at the University of Dhaka. Dr. Alam will speak on ‘Capacity build-up in biological sciences in Bangladesh’.

ImmunoSYS on EEN web

ImmunoSYS was interveiwed by the Enterprise European Network (EEN) at the Biomedica summit in Aachen, Germany in June. The interview was done jointly with Abundnz, their Netherlands based partner in a micro dosing and bio-analytical business. The interview can be viewed at

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