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The business model of ImmunoSYS is essentially based on expertise that comes through a network of associations in academia as well as industry. We prefer to keep ImmunoSYS focused and specialised in immunology and access our associated partners specialised in other disciplines (for example analytical chemistry) to provide a solution that requires an integrated approach of sciences. This helps to tap into higher expertise and lower our overheads so that we can offer better quality to our clients at a more competitive rate. The network also brings in more state-of-the-art research knowledge into practical translation enabling academic experts to engage with the industry. Our confederation style network enables other specialist SMEs to bring their expertise into an integrated business project.

In summary, we provide the immunology and the whole project, and our associates provide the other bits.




Abundnz is an analytical (chemistry) company based in the Netherlands specialising in micro dosing and pharmacokinetic (PK) analysis. With a unique advanced technology to determine the drug clearance profile of innovative medicines in an early phase of drug development the services include the characterization and analysis of innovative medicines such as peptide and protein drugs, oligonucleotides and targeted drug delivery systems.

Abundnz and ImmunoSYS work together quite intensively in business and research. COMPIT is product jointly developed by the two companies. Immundnz Ltd. Is a new joint venture company with Abundnz and is a laboratory based CRO at the Alderley Park in Cheshire.

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Alderley Park is the prestigious bioscience park on a 400-acre site in the beautiful county of Cheshire that originates from the research campus of Astra Zeneca. The site is a growing hub of various small and large companies that are involved in drug discovery or various preclinical and clinical analytical research services. Our location here provides us much support in various biological, regulatory and commercial aspects of our business.




Professor Neville Ford is the founder and director of the University of Chester Mathematical Sciences Research Group and also the Dean for Research. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications for services to Mathematics and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. His research interests combine theory, computational simulations and modelling applications of functional differential equations in materials science, in the environmental sciences, in the biosciences, and in medicine. He has experience in mathematical analysis of immunologic cell interactions and has been collaborating with ImmunoSYS since 2015 to engage more in the area.


Transgenic Technology

Professor Werner Muller based in Manchester and with additional resources in Germany is an specialist in transgenic technology and cell specific gene targetting. He has developed many transgenic mouse models that are used by many scientists around the world including UK, US, Germany, Japan, Israel and Australia. His company Eugene ( offers among other things support related to genetic engineering, for example planning of genetic plants, registration of genetic plants, etc. Eugene also develops webpages in the field of the biological information technology. Eugene offers a tool, DNAPLOT that the client can bind also into own applications.