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Image: the cleaning symbiosis between the red-billed oxpecker and the impala. Photo used with permission of Muhammad Mahdi Karim,


The UK is a world leader in life sciences research and has a rich heritage of discovery and innovations. The life sciences market of the UK including biopharma and agri-business forms an important hub in the global markets. The EU is becoming stronger in technology, innovations, market demand and supply through partnerships and the Horizon 2020 emphasises on this trend of partnership. ImmunoSYS aims the UK-EU partnership in biological research and market development.



The biopharma industry of the UK takes up a significantly large segment in the world and demands the supply of high quality biological reagents and tools for research and analysis. ImmunoSYS is always looking for business partnership with progressive companies in the EU to bring advanced and competitive products and services to the UK market. We are particularly interested in novel biologics, expression systems and analytical systems that will add value to the UK research market. The partnership offers opportunity to EU companies for growing their business in the UK. ImmunoSYS is strategically located in a fast growing bioscience park in Alderley Park in Cheshire ( to facilitate these businesses.



ImmunoSYS stems from a strong a research background and intends to form research collaborations with research groups who are looking for UK partnerships. Our interests are in life sciences that fall within major therapeutic areas such as immunology, inflammation, cardiovascular biology, diabetes, endocrine problems, autoimmunity, cell matrix and tissues, wound healing and cancer studies. We will join as an R&D SME in collaborative research and will facilitate partnership with UK academic research groups. We are particularly interested in research collaborations under the Horizon 2020 and similar British or EU grant schemes.