Dr. Masih Alam

Dr. Masih Alam earned his PhD in immunology in 2003 from the University of Manchester. He continued to work in research at the university in the Faculty of Life Sciences until the end of 2011. He worked for a period in cardiovascular calcification research with Professors Ann Canfield, Daniela Riccardi and Yvonne Alexander. He returned to his main passion immunology to study the mechanism of immune responses and the ‘Danger hypothesis’. Towards the end of his work in academia he worked in research management for Prof. Werner Muller, with whom he also co-authored a book chapter on immunology in mice (‘The Laboratory Mouse’). Masih has a background in parasitology and zoology which gives him a broader perspective to life sciences issues. He believes in the integrated approach to biological solutions and is working for translational sciences.

Prof. Werner Muller
Advisor, immunology

Professor Werner Muller is the Bill Ford Chair of Cellular Immunology at the University of Manchester. Werner specialises in transgenic technology and gene targetting  (cell specific). Werner has a wealth of transgenic models which are instrumental to understanding basic biological systems and he shares these with collaborator scientists around the world. His key interest is to understand cytokine networks within the immune system and the role of different cells in that network. Another interest is the evolutionary mechanism of sequences in our genomes which shape the repertoire of our adaptive immune system.

Prof. Dean Jackson
Advisor, molecular cell biology

Professor Dean Jackson is Section Head for Cell Biology in the Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Manchester where he leads one of the groups in molecular cancer studies. In particular Dean’s group uses state-of-the-art live imaging system to study how nuclear structure and organisation influence gene expression in mammalian cells. Dean has a significant track record in genome and epigenetic research. His work on understanding links between nuclear structure and function is important in biomedicine generally and the successful development of gene therapy.

Dr. Rawshan Choudhury
Advisor and Associate, cell and protein biology

Dr. Rawshan Choudhury is a Senior Research Associate in the Faculty of Medicine and Human Sciences at the University of Manchester. She earned her PhD in cell biology in 2004 from the University of Manchester and has been a dedicated research scientist ever since. Rawshan has spent significant research time in understanding membrane trafficking in the cell, extra cellular matrix (ECM) and regulation of elastic fibre formation. Currently, she is working on probiotics. Her specialisation is in protein biology and gene expression.