“Imagine a community in which the police accept anyone they met during elementary school and kill any new migrant. That’s the Self/Nonself Model. In the Danger Model, tourists and immigrants are accepted, until they start breaking windows. Only then, do the police move to eliminate them. In fact, it doesn’t matter if the window breaker is a foreigner or a member of the community.”

Polly Matzinger, 1998, New York Times



ImmunoSYS is mainly interested in research that is immunology focused. More specifically, research areas where the ‘Danger Model’ of immunology can be applied or tested receive our attention and effort. This could be in a variety of areas such as:

We also engage in research with our clients in projects that are part of or spin-offs of their business. These may offer the scope to study the immunologic or cellular mechanisms that are pivotal in the success of their business.

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Our immunologic research is centred around how the immune system responds to tissue damage. The contemporary theory of the immune response states that the immune system is not programmed to respond to foreign particles, as it was conceived for many years during the self-nonself era of immunology. What turns the immune system on and off is a very important question in understanding disease and pathology. The condition of the tissue is very central to understanding homeostasis, tolerance and the immune response. The central dogma of immunology is that the immune system receives signals to respond from the ‘tissue’ and that the immune system is far less concerned with things that are foreign than with those that do damage.




Comprehensive human in vitro immune testing (COMPIT) is the major research undertaking of ImmunoSYS in partnership with Abundnz BV (Netherlands based CRO). This project is focused on developing a state-of-the-art preclinical human testing platform for drug molecules.

Immuno-regulatory Cytokine

The development of a stable IL-10 and variants as a research grade cytokine for anti-inflammation and immune modulation studies: ImmunoSYS is preparing to apply for UK/EU grants for this project in collaboration with partners in the UK and the EU. The stable IL-10 is an engineered cytokine designed to be a therapeutic that is in a concept stage currently. We are partners for the technical and commercial development of the product.


ImmunoSYS stems from a strong a research background and intends to form research collaborations with research groups who are looking for UK partnerships. Our interests are in life sciences that fall within major therapeutic areas such as immunology, inflammation, cardiovascular biology, diabetes, endocrine problems, autoimmunity, cell matrix and tissues, wound healing and cancer studies. We will join as an R&D SME in collaborative research and will facilitate partnership with UK academic research groups. We are particularly interested in research collaborations under the Horizon 2020 and similar British or EU grant schemes.